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Chris Corradino is an American photographer, instructor, and writer based in the New York Metropolitan Area. Chris was born in 1976 in New York. He specializes in travel, outdoor, and scenic photography.


Corradino's assignment work with the Associated Press has been internationally published with credits including USA Today,[1] The New Yorker,[2] CBS News,[3] and most recently the prestigious Mint Images catalog. His outdoor photography has been featured online several times with National Geographic,[4] including a downloadable screensaver of a rare prandtl-glauert singularity vapor cloud.[5]

Corradino is a licensed photo teacher with the New York Institute of Photography. Since 2008, he's had an active role in curriculum development, multimedia production, and social media content. He is currently the Faculty Director, and head of the school's mentoring program.[6]

International Study Leader: Chris was given the special honor of "Extraordinary Speaker" by Smithsonian Journeys.[7] He was also contracted as Travel Dynamics International's first official photography instructor, leading high-caliber educational programs aboard small cruise ships around the world. This included photo workshops throughout the Mediterranean Sea, including an archeological dig with Dr. David Hernandez of Notre Dame in Butrint, Albania.[8] Subsequent journeys traversed the hidden islands of the British and U.S. Virgin Islands.[9][10]

Corradino developed and lead several travel photography workshops in Tuscany, Italy at Villa Dievole as part of IL Chiostro's "Autumn Arts Festival". After successful programs with locations including Florence, Siena, Cortona, and Vagliagli, Chris was asked to coach and lecture in Venice, Italy. [11] In 2019, he is offering a travel photography course in New Zealand.[12]

Television Appearances: Corradino appeared on Inside Edition, showing correspondent Megan Alexander how a super telephoto lens could be used for extremely long distance photography. As Alexander stood on one side of the Hudson River in New York, Corradino positioned himself clear across the river in New Jersey and started taking photos. Even from such a distance, the photos were very sharp.[13] He also appeared on Al Jazeera America to discuss the world's largest photo, a 365 GB panorama of Mont Blanc.[14]

Articles and Book Publications: Corradino has authored three eBooks, "The Photography Rule Book", "Mind Over Megapixels: The 14 Secrets of Great Photography" and "Finding Your Vision: A Roadmap to Creative Composition".[15][16][17] In 2008, he self published From Manhattan to Montauk: A Photographic Journey.[18] He donated all earnings from the book to Kiva, an organization that lends money to entrepreneurs in developing countries.[19]

His instructional photography articles collectively tally over one million reads. These can be found online at the Digital Photography School, as well as the PicsArt, Alien Skin, Expert Photography and New York Institute of Photography blogs.[20][21][22] As an early adopter of Mirrorless cameras, Corradino documented his experience with the gear during a 2 week shoot around the country of Iceland.[23]

As a long time user of their graduated neutral density filters, Formatt Hitech named Chris a "Featured Artist".[24]

In 2010, Chris Corradino Photography LLC was featured in Entrepreneur magazine. The DETC (Distance Education Training Council) also honored Corradino as an "Outstanding Graduate and Famous Alumni" in 2010.[25]

In 2009, he worked as the second unit director of photography for the film Hoop Springs Eternal.[26] The documentary was screened at Olympia Film Festival 2009, Coney Island Film Festival 2010, and All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival 2010.[27]

In 2007, Corradino received special recognition for becoming the first five-time recipient of the Wantagh Photography Contest.[28]


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