Chris Crawford on Game Design

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Chris Crawford on Game Design
AuthorChris Crawford
IllustratorChris Crawford
CountryUnited States
SubjectComputer and video game design
Publication date
June 2003
794.8/1526 22
LC ClassQA76.76.C672 C73 2003
Preceded byThe Art of Computer Game Design 

Chris Crawford on Game Design (ISBN 0-13-146099-4) is a book about computer and video game design by Chris Crawford. Although referred to as the second edition of The Art of Computer Game Design, it is in fact a completely new book. It was published by Peachpit under the New Riders imprint in 2003. It includes Crawford's response to recent game developments, such as The Sims, and dedicates a chapter to each of his first 14 published games: Tanktics, Legionnaire, Wizard, Energy Czar, Scram, Eastern Front (1941), Gossip, Excalibur, Balance of Power, Patton Versus Rommel, Siboot, The Global Dilemma: Guns & Butter, Balance of the Planet and Patton Strikes Back.

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