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A Chris Devins mural at the A. Philip Randolph Museum in Chicago

Chris Devins is an artist/urban planner from Chicago, Illinois who engages in placemaking, which blends Art and Urban Planning. He is the creator of several outdoor Art initiatives in the Chicago area, including [1] Hyde Park Heroes, the Pullman Project (Briscoe 2015 p.A4), Chatham 2.0 (Mwachukwu 2016 p. 1) and most notably, Bronzeville Legends (Cholke 2014 p. 2).

He came under scrutiny in April, 2017 when he admitted to using an image created by Rhode Island art student Gelila Mesfin [1] for a mural of former first lady Michelle Obama [2] Devins raised $12,000 with the gofundme campaign for the creation of a mural, causing many negative news stories and social media pressure.[3]


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