Chris Eaton (Canadian musician)

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Chris Eaton
Born 1971 (age 45–46)
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Genres Indie rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Associated acts Rock Plaza Central

Chris Eaton (born 1971 in Moncton, New Brunswick) is the founder and lead vocalist of Toronto-based indie rock band Rock Plaza Central, as well as a novelist.

Music career[edit]

Eaton began as a solo artist, with various musicians backing him, often using musical improvisation. In 2003, the current line-up of Rock Plaza Central formed during such a gig in Toronto, and they recorded their first album in that incarnation only a month later. Their second album, Are We Not Horses, was favorably reviewed by influential music journal Pitchfork Media.

Writing career[edit]

Eaton is also a published author.[1][2] His first novel The Inactivist (2003), has been required reading on two university courses at McGill University in Montreal, as well as a graduate English course at the University of South Alabama.[citation needed] His second novel, The Grammar Architect (2006), is a "cover" of a Thomas Hardy book, A Pair of Blue Eyes,[3] using some of the plot, imagery, themes and even some passages of the original and creating something new and personal out of that.

Letters To Thomas Pynchon is a short fiction collection published as an eBook with Joyland: A hub for short fiction in 2010.

In 2013 Eaton published his third novel called Chris Eaton, a Biography with BookThug Press. Critical response was generally quite positive, with profiles in prominent national media like the National Post and Toronto Star. Martin Patriquin of MacLean's wrote "Nabokov could write about his back porch and make it interesting; Chris Eaton does much the same with his fellow Chris Eatons"[4] and The Winnipeg Review, while critical of the confusion of the conceit, praised the prose: "It’s work, in other words, but Eaton’s language is so good, managing that easygoing poetry that feels made from the thoughts of people who don’t know they’re being written, that you forgive him for it. Chris Eaton is threaded with so much of this kind of silver that it feels like he must just open the tap and let it pour." [5] The novel was included in many year-end lists, including the Toronto Star, Quill & Quire and Quarterly Conversation while also being included in Steven Moore's The Novel: an Alternative History, Volume 2.[6][7]


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