Chris Grabiec

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Chris Grabiec
Birth nameKrzysztof Pawel Grabiec
OriginSarnia, Ontario, Canada
GenresTrance, Progressive trance, Electronic dance music
Occupation(s)Music producer, Songwriter, DJ
Years active1996–present
LabelsAmbiel Music
Dance Regime

Chris Grabiec (born Krzysztof Pawel Grabiec, 1975 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) is a British trance music producer, songwriter and DJ based in London United Kingdom. He is a semi-professional musician,[1] who has produced two albums, Pride and Honour and Last Sunset.

Music career[edit]

Grabiec began his musical career in 1996 with debut single Can You Feel It released on First Contact Recordings.[2] A follow-up single Never Let You Go featured on 1997 compilation Dreamscape Volume 2 (The Vision).[3] After a break from music, Grabiec returned to producing in early 2009.[4] In April 2011 he released his debut artist album Pride and Honour.[5] After a series of single releases featuring several vocalists Grabiec released his second album "Last Sunset" with co-writer Sarah-Jayne Newton in early 2012.[6]

In 2009, Grabiec was introduced to producer and record company director Nathaniel "NJC" Clarkson of independent label Ambiel Music. After a number of studio sessions together they established an outlet label for Grabiec's releases. Dance Regime was launched in the winter of 2009 with Grabiec's return to music production, with the single, Guardian Angel.[7] Besides music, Grabiec works as a project manager.[1]

Aliases and pseudonyms[edit]

  • Agent One
  • CGr
  • Silverback (Chris Grabiec / Nathaniel Clarkson / Raechel Waldon)
  • Dj Tap It
  • Kerve


Studio albums[edit]

  • Pride and Honour (2011, Dance Regime / Ambiel Music) [8]


  • Can You Feel It (1996, First Contact) Dj Tap It
  • Rap of the Psychopath (1997, First Contact) Dj Tap It
  • Never Let You Go (1997, First Contact) DJ Tap It & B&H
  • Blue Thunder / Ricochet (1997, Knitetbreed) Kerve
  • Guardian Angel (2009, Dance Regime) Silverback
  • Fire in the Sky (2009, Dance Regime)
  • Soul Searching (2009, Dance Regime) Silverback
  • Ride The Light (2010, Dance Regime)
  • Rescue Me (2010, Dance Regime) Feat Phillip Browne
  • Heart of Fire (2010, Dance Regime) Chris Grabiec & Christina Nicola
  • The Highway (2010, Dance Regime) Chris Grabiec & Christina Nicola
  • Mojito Beach (2010, Dance Regime)
  • Sun Devil (2010, Dance Regime)
  • Salvation (2010, Dance Regime) Chris Grabiec & Christina Nicola
  • Protected (2011, Dance Regime) Chris Grabiec & Christina Nicola [9]
  • Revolution EP (2011, Dance Regime) [10]
  • Lost My Way / Hold Me Closer (2011, Dance Regime) Chris Grabiec & Sarah-Jayne


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