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Chris Grieder (born August 4, 1989) is an American music video director, independent filmmaker, musician, and photographer from Orlando, Florida, currently living in Los Angeles. Grieder has directed music videos internationally for artists such as Mutemath, Luna Halo, Modest Mouse, There For Tomorrow, Avery, Stefanie Scott, Transmit Now, and UK Brit-pop band Wall Street Riots.[1] After graduating high school, Grieder became adept in guerrilla filmmaking and working independently. He is currently working on the debut studio album for his indie rock music project "Thank You and Goodbye," and has shot a music video for one of his demo songs, "Dead Cities in Your Heart." Grieder plans on re-recording the track for the full-length album.

Filmmaker Chris Grieder

Experience in music videos[edit]

As a high school student, Grieder directed a music video for alternative rock band There For Tomorrow's first single "Pages."[2] The band signed to Hopeless Records shortly after, and the video landed an exclusive on,[3] Grieder returned in 2011 to work with the band, directing 4 live choreographed studio sessions featuring songs from the band's second studio album The Verge. The videos were included in a full-length documentary released with the album, titled "Discovering the Verge." Grieder was also the producer and editor of the documentary. In May 2008, Grieder began production on a music video for Luna Halo's "World on Fire." Signed to Columbia Records at the time, the label was not interested in supplying a budget due to the song not being a single, but the band's frontman Nathan Barlowe had spoken with Grieder and enjoyed the concept for the video. The band decided to shoot the video independently with no budget or label involved. While touring with alternative rock band Switchfoot, the band stopped by Grieder's hometown where they were shot on green screen. Grieder worked closely with Matthew Hutchens and Matt Tinley of Flying Dog Films.[4] Hutchens was the DP of the project and Tinley was the visual effects supervisor. The video concept consisted of heavy visual effects illustrating the band playing in different 1950's newspaper ads. Due to limited resources, Grieder, Hutchens, and Tinley worked together building costumes, miniature models, and props to contribute to visual effects. The video was also featured in the Florida Film Festival.[5] Upon graduating high school in 2008, Grieder was flown to London to shoot the debut music video for a new band, Wall Street Riots, for their single "Lords of Dogtown." The video concept consists of the band plotting a bank robbery heist. Due to the band's limited budget and lack of permits, the video was shot guerrilla style on location. Later upon arriving back to Florida, Grieder shot their second music video for the single "One More Ride," and remains friends with the band.[6][7] Grieder later directed a music video for Florida-based pop rock band Transmit Now's single "Let's Go Out Tonight." The single received MTV attention and placed number 1 on the mtvU Freshman 5 countdown. In 2010 Grieder produced and directed a music video for the single "Love Me or Let me go" by Avery. The video became a Viral video and brought attention to pop artists such as Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston, ultimately resulting in a record deal with Universal Motown. The video was also featured on Entertainment Tonight as the top 5 young artists discovered on YouTube. In 2011 Grieder returned to direct Avery's second single "Go Screw Yourself," which reached the music charts in Germany and served as an anti-bullying campaign nationwide.