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Chris Higgins
Birth name Christopher Higgins
Also known as X-13,[1] Cosmic Chris[2]
Born (1972-09-23) September 23, 1972 (age 44)[1]
Origin United States
Genres Punk rock, pop punk, skate punk, alternative rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar, bass, backing vocals, keyboards, percussion
Years active 1994–present
Labels Columbia
Associated acts The Offspring,[3] Good Kitty[2]

Christopher Higgins, best known by his stage name Chris X-13 Higgins (born September 23, 1972),[1] is an American musician, former backup guitar/vocal/keyboard/percussion player in the punk rock band The Offspring[3] from 1994[1] to 2005. He provided backing vocals for Offspring's studio albums between Americana and Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. During his 11 years with the band, he performed live with the Offspring on tour, and made an appearance in the music video for "Why Don't You Get a Job?".[4] When the Offspring was not on the road Higgins ran the lead singer's studio and produced the demo recording of upcoming Offspring albums. Higgins also played guitar and did some vocals in the bands Gentleman Jack, All the Madmen (Wopking Class Zeroes) and Good Kitty.[2]

As of 2005, he is no longer with The Offspring on the tour but he did backup vocals on Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.[5] It is said that he needs more time with his church and family.[6] He is currently involved in digital media and visual communications at St. John's Lutheran Church of Orange.[7]

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