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Chris Horrie is a journalist, author and lecturer[1] specializing in investigative journalism, finance and profiles of major public figures.

As a freelance feature writer his work can be found in the following British newspapers: The Independent, Independent on Sunday, Evening Standard, Mail on Sunday, The Observer, New Statesman, The Guardian.

Authored Books[edit]

Horrie is also the author/co-author of many major books,[2] usually concerning major media figures:

2009: True Blue – Strange Tales from a Tory Nation (with David Matthews). Publication in August 2009. Fourth Estate / HarperCollins.

2008: Chapters on Investigative Journalism and the Law; and a practical guide to the Freedom of Information Act for Investigative Journalists in second edition of Investigative Journalism: Context and Practice, Hugo de Burgh ed, London and New York: Routledge.

2008: What is Islam? (3rd edition) with first publication in Russian.

2007: Play It Again – tie-in book for the primetime BBC 1 television series of the same name. Harper Collins, March 2007.

2006: What is Islam? (third edition) commissioned for publication in spring 2007.

2005: ‘Stick it up your Punter’ (3rd edition) – Simon & Schuster (book continuously in print for fifteen years).

2004: What is Islam? (4th printing) – Virgin Books. Editions in German, Dutch, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian and Persian.

2004: ‘Tabloid Nation’ – from the birth of the Daily Mirror to the death of the tabloid. André Deutsch.

2002: ‘Premiership’. Unauthorised business history of the Premier League. Simon and Schuster.

1999: ‘Stick it up your Punter: the rise and fall of The Sun’. Fully updated new edition. Simon & Schuster. Co-author.

1994: Fuzzy Monsters: fear and loathing at the BBC, Heinemann;

1992: Sick as a Parrot: the inside story of Tottenham Hotspur PLC take-over.

1990: Stick it up your Punter: the rise and fall of The Sun (newspaper), Heinemann. co written with Peter Chippindale[3][4]

1990: What is Islam? (W.H. Allen/ The Observer; exclusive authorship). Now in third printing with German, French, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew editions.

1988: Disaster - the rise and fall of News on Sunday (Sphere Books. Out of print).

Chris Horrie also works as a lecturer at Salford University


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