Chris Moriarty

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Chris Moriarty
Born 1968
Occupation writer
Genre Science fiction, Fantasy
Notable works Spin novel series

Chris Moriarty (born 1968) is an American science fiction and fantasy writer.

She has lived in the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Southeast Asia. Before becoming a science fiction writer, she worked as a horse trainer, ranch hand, tourism industry employee, guide and environmental lawyer. As of early 2008, Chris was married with one child.

Moriarty's first novel, Spin State, was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick, John Campbell, Spectrum and Prometheus Awards. Her second, Spin Control, published in 2006, won the 2007 Philip K. Dick Award and was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for SF.

The two novels feature common characters in a future where Earth has undergone ecological collapse. A large part of humanity has migrated to various planets and space habitats, both in the solar system and around nearby stars such as Barnard's Star and 51 Pegasi. The technologies feature cloning, artificial intelligences, genetic constructs and use of a material referred to as "condensate" which allows instantaneous communication and teleportation.



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