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Chris Moss Acid
Chris moss 030303.jpg
Chris Moss Acid performing live in Utrecht, 2008
Background information
Birth name Christopher Moss
Also known as DJ jo quaid 5,
brad striker,
dj bournemouth chopper,
captain acid 303
Born 1984
Boscombe, Bournemouth
Origin Bournemouth, England
Genres Acid house
Electronic music
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Roland SH-101, Roland TR-606, Roland TR-707, TB-303, laptop, Akai MPC1000, Ensoniq ESQ-1,
Years active 2006–present
Boxfade Records

Chris Moss Acid is a British acid house and electronic musician from and based in Bournemouth, UK.

Chris Moss Acid's output is largely defined by the classic acid house sound, composed with Roland synths Roland TB-303, Roland SH-101, Roland TR-606 Roland TR-707 and other synths such as the Ensoniq ESQ-1 and Casio SK1 and the Akai MPC1000 sampler. While recording under the guise Dj Jo Quaid 5, Acid used a Commodore 64. His output also includes genres that touch ambient, drill 'n' bass, Hardcore and briefly Shoegaze.[1]


Chris Moss Acid started out DJing Gabba, electro, acid, drum N' bass and IDM at his friend's local Dance Music night in Bournemouth in December 2004. The nights were called Egon Spengler and were put on by The Egon Spengler crew which consisted of Sam Ross, Ryan Keegan and Gavin Maycroft. The nights were popular, as they brought some of the leading IDM and Electronic acts to Bournemouth including Ceephax Acid Crew, Ladyscraper, Mully, Shitmat, Cylob, Chris Clark and local experimental bands such as The Mylar Blackout & Glockenspeil. The nights ran from December 2004 until July 2006.

Since 2006 Chris Moss Acid has released an influx of free download mp3 albums through his website and net labels (reportedly making 50 albums a week) covering various styles of acid house, techno, IDM and hardcore techno music, though in recent years they are becoming harder to get hold of.

Some of his albums and EPs were released on the now defunct net label 'Net-Lab' (The Sub & Commando Acid EP). A track Classical Rinse was written especially for Net-Lab's compilation Acid Blue. It was a medley of 2 original baroque and classical music tracks and 2 famous pieces of classical music; The K545 & Moonlight Sonata written by Mozart & Beethoven respectively; the medley was written with the use of 2 Roland TB-303's and a Roland TR-606.

In 2006 Chris Moss Acid contributed a track under the pseudonym Brad Striker for another one of Net-Lab's compilations called Road Rash II. And in March 2006 Chris Moss Acid self-released a C90 cassette tape titled Butyric Acidosis which was requested via e-mail. The edition was limited to 26 copies personally made with the help of Chris Moss Acid's Webmaster Kaen, Later the Tape was released digitally for a short time with 3 extra bonus tracks. Later on in April 2006 Chris did a 30-minute live radio session on London's Resonance FM playing on the show Underplayed. Chris's session consisted of a heavier approach to acid house music, borderlining experimental and gabba music as well as more traditional acid house around the same time as his resonance fm sessions Chris released Chris Moss Acid Presents the Warriors Acid Ep on Wrong Music(later remastered and released on boxfade records).

In the early part of 2007 some of Chris's unreleased and rare tracks got played on Huw Stephens' BBC Radio 1 Tuesday night show. shortly after Chris had his first 12" EP released on Chicago's Mathematics Recordings called London's Calling EP. Upon release London's Calling EP shot to the top ten best selling records on Clone Records (a popular electronic music retailer). The site praises the EP for having "very direct and pure house tracks".[2] The official Warp Records retail website describes the release as "absolutely excellent" and describes the single Acid Buddy as following: "rolling chords and mental acid set the scene for this track which has incredible emotional exuberance and energy."[3]

In 2008 Chris released a Split Release with Mully with a football themed 22 track album called Italia 90 trax. The Wrong Music Etc. compilation includes Chris Moss Acid's track Sub Merge from The Sub album.[4]

In September 2007 and June 2008 Chris did a DJ Mix on Transmit with Arveene on Dublin's Spin 1038, Chris did an hour mix of mainly his own productions.

Besides the early releases on Wrong Music and Net-Lab, Chris has released noted electronic music albums elsewhere like on Malta's Complex Sound Sagacity label,[5] V/VM's sister label Vukzid, Swishcotheque recordings,[6] Sweden's Rucksack Records[7] and Futonic Records.[8]

from around 2008 onwards Chris has played concerts all over Europe, covering countries such as Malta, Ireland, Lithuania, Holland, Belgium and Russia and his tracks have been included into various compilations on top European electronic music labels such as Holland's 030303 and Belgium's WeMe, where Chris collaborated with DMX Krew on the track 'Bang The Gong'.

In the summer of 2011, Acid started his own digital label, Boxfade Records, which prominently features his own releases on the website 'bandcamp', in which brand new music and 'remastered' previously released albums are made available to download. 2011 also saw Chris making more computer based music with his 'vol#' series. In 2013 Chris started to release other artists music on 'boxfade records'.

In April 2012 Dutch Label 030303 released his second 12-inch EP - The Bay Of Cadiz, which peaked at number 2 in the charts, and have been given positive reviews on top music retailers such as Boomkat,, Juno., Beatport. The EP was also included in various Online DJ Selections

August 2012 Chris was asked to take part in an Art Installation at the Tate Modern art gallery called 'Tweet Me Up' curated by Tracey Moberly, Chris Wrote a Track called Sax Pest especially for the occasion.[9]

2014 was to see Chris release his 2nd 12" on Chicago based record label, Mathematics, 7 years after his first 12" London's Calling EP.[10] In April 2014 Chris Co-produced a track with Dutch Producer Drvg Cvltvre which was released on 12 on the Dutch Label Shiprec, The EP got positive reviews in the Guardian newspaper[11]




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