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Christopher Chindoti "Chris" Mushohwe is a Zimbabwean politician. He was the ZANU-PF candidate for Mutare West constituency in the March 2008 parliamentary election, but was very narrowly defeated according to official results. He received 7,577 votes, 20 less than the total received by Movement for Democratic Change candidate Shuah Mudiwa.[1] Mushohwe was subsequently appointed as Resident Minister and Governor of Manicaland Province by President Robert Mugabe on August 25, 2008; in this capacity, he also serves as a Senator.[2] Mushohwe was a member of selous scouts and he remained in presidents office after Muzorewa because Mugabe wanted someone who new top secretes of Muzorewa. He has been criticised of taking the Kondozi farm which was contributing a lot to Zimbabwes GDP and Employment. He is suspected to have caused death of many within Zanu PF.


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