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Chris Nineham is a founder member and National Officer of the Stop the War Coalition in the UK.[1] He was one of the main organisers of the 15 February 2003 anti-war protest against the invasion on Iraq.

He was a leading member of Globalise Resistance, the anti-globalisation network that mobilised thousands on protests in Genoa and elsewhere and he played an important role in the European and World Social Forums. He was a member of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers' Party until he resigned in 2010.[2]

He has written widely on the anti-war movement and the anti-capitalist movement as well as on the media, modernism and cultural theory,[3] and is the author of The People Versus Tony Blair[4] and Capitalism and Class Consciousness: the ideas of Georg Lukács.[5]

In 1985 Chris Nineham served as the drummer of indie pop band The June Brides.[6]

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