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Chris Perrin (born April 6, 1978 in Independence, MO) is a professional food writer and podcaster who lives and writes in Overland Park, KS (a suburb of Kansas City). He attended the University of Kansas where he received a degree in English. He also wrote the Mecha Role Playing Game Role Playing Game, published by Heroic Journey Publishing.


Chris says that his passion for food began when he cooked in the kitchen with his father, whom Chris still considers a wonderful cook. Chris uses the kitchen as classroom, therapy, science lab, and a way to connect with his wife and son. He shares his experiences on his blog at [1], and through his articles.[1] His work can be found in Biao Magazine,[2] Women's Edition Johnson County[3] and The Dabbling Mum [4]

The Canon Puncture Show[edit]

Chris is also a host of The Canon Puncture Show[2], a bi-weekly show about tabletop RPGs, from playing them to making them. The various hosts talk amongst themselves and with people they think are cool.[5]

The Canon Puncture Show was a 2008 nominee for the Diana Jones Award.

Echoes From the Rifts[edit]

Chris has been the host of Echoes From the Rifts,[6] a podcast which focuses on Palladium Books and features interviews with various Palladium personalities including founder Kevin Siembieda.