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Chris Pig (born Christopher Rogers, 1965) is a British printmaker.[1] His work is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.[2] Rogers attended Exeter College of Art and Design (now Exeter School of Art) in the mid-1980s and began to refer to himself by the surname 'Pig' at this time; his stated reason being - as a (then) soi-disant anarchist - his anti-police sentiments (the term 'pig' being a derogatory British colloquialism for a policeman, dating from the 19th century).[3] Chris Pig is a sometime member of East London Printmakers, "an artist group based in Hackney" that "boast[s] international names".[4]

Critical response[edit]

In a review of a show in Atlanta, Catherine Fox wrote "Pig is a master of stagecraft. ... The crisp lines, bottomless black planes and complex details in these prints demonstrate his technical command."[5]

Selected awards[edit]

Society of Wood Engravers 'Originals' 2009 Award (joint winner with Hilary Paynter) [6]


  • Ambit 196, 2009, illustration for "Listener" by Sonja Besford
  • Ambit 195, 2008, front cover and "Mice"
  • Ambit Magazine, Summer & Autumn 2006 [7]
  • I couldn't Paint Golden Angels, autobiography of Albert Meltzer [8]
  • Despite Anything, short stories and other writings by Mark Whittaker [9]
  • Starting From Scratch, Printmaking Today, Summer 2005 [10]
  • Culture Surfing, interview, Creative Loafing, Atlanta [11]
  • Beautifully Revealing, Concealing, by Jerry Cullum, Atlanta Journal [12]


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