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Chris Randall
Birth name Christopher Wendell Randall
Born 1968
Origin United States Honolulu, Hawaii
Genres Blues
Industrial rock
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1989–2007, 2015-present (as the member of Sister Machine Gun)
2007–present (solo)
Labels Positron! Records
Associated acts Sister Machine Gun
Members Chris Randall
Past members Dave Latrell, Ivan de Prume, Libby Dickerson, Dante Aloom, Van Christie,Todd Flowers

Chris Randall is an American musician, and the current frontman of Sister Machine Gun. In 1998, he created a side-project called Micronaut, focusing on more instrumental music that was not necessarily appropriate for Sister Machine Gun. After disbanding Sister Machine Gun in 2007, he began his solo career and released the EP Cheap Sensation and the full-length album The Devil His Due. Chris also collaborates with Wade Alin from Christ Analogue on the IDM project Scanalyzer. In 2015 he rebanded Sister Machine Gun to release The Future Unformed on WTII. [1]

He was featured in the August 1996 issue of Playgirl as being among the ten sexiest male Rock musicians.[1]

In 1998, he founded Positron records. He also runs Audio Damage, a creator of music software plug-ins and synthesizer modules.


Sister Machine Gun[edit]

  • 1992: Sins of the Flesh
  • 1994: The Torture Technique
  • 1995: Burn
  • 1997: Metropolis
  • 1999: [R]evolution
  • 2000: Transient 5.2 EP
  • 2000: 6.0
  • 2003: Influence
  • 2015: The Future Uninformed


  • 1998: Micronaut
  • 2000: Io
  • 2002: Ganymede
  • 2005: Europa
  • 2006: Pasiphae
  • 2007: Bhopal Muffin
  • 2008: Callisto
  • 2009: Frampton, Comes Alive
  • 2010: Resistor
  • 2010: Capacitor
  • 2010: Study One


  • 2007: On the one and the zero




YACHT Controversy[edit]

In January 2009, Pitchfork reported that Jona Bechtolt of YACHT publicly admitted to using pirated versions of Audio Damage software. The statements resulted in three and a half year legal battle between Bechtolt and Randall, in what Pitchfork described as a "Nerd Flame War." [3]


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