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Chris Seavour
Born 20 July 1968
Occupation Game designer
Employer Rare Ltd. (1994 - 2012)
Gory Detail Limited (2013 - present)

Christopher "Chris" Seavor (born 20 July 1968[1] in the United Kingdom) is a British game designer, artist and voice actor who has done work on several video games, particularly in the context of an artist. Seavor is perhaps most famous for his work on the Conker series, as the project leader of Bad Fur Day and its remake, as well as providing the voice acting for most of the characters.


Seavor began his career with Rare as a Graphic Designer in January 1994, working on backgrounds, effects, and the logo for the Killer Instinct series of fighter games.[2] He inherited and reworked the Conker franchise in an attempt to draw it away from the other Rare title Dream, which eventually became Banjo-Kazooie.

Chris was the project leader and game designer on both Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. He co-wrote the screenplay with Robin Beanland, worked as a background and layout artist, helped with some additional graphics, and voiced almost all male characters on Conker's Bad Fur Day. Additionally, he was a VA (alongside Rare's Steve Malpass) in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He supplied the voices of Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare in both Melee and Star Fox Adventures. He enjoys voicing antagonists for Rare, providing voices for Gruntilda in Banjo-Kazooie and Baron Von Ghoul in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.[3]

In late 2012, he stated in his Twitter that he was fired from Rare officially because of "differing opinions and career goals".[4] He now lives in Packington.

In 2013, he created a YouTube channel called "Conker King"[5] and started up a "Director's Commentary" of Conker's Bad Fur Day, along with other people who worked on it, revealing various behind the scenes information about the game and other Rare titles.

Chris Seavor is currently employed at his own independent game studio, Gory Detail Limited where he has designed and worked on Parashoot Stan for Apple iOS and Android. At the moment he is designing and working on The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup, a darkly themed platformer game for the Wii U and 3DS systems.

Seavor reprised his role as the voice of Conker in the video game Project Spark.


Title Year System Notes
Brute Force Canceled Arcade Revamped into Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct 1994 Arcade, SNES Background Design, Models, Voice Acting
Killer Instinct 2 1996 Arcade Background Design, Models, Voice Acting
Killer Instinct Gold 1996 N64 Background Design, Models, Voice Acting
Twelve Tales: Conker 64 Canceled N64/64DD Originally titled Conker's Quest, revamped into Conker's Bad Fur Day
Diddy Kong Racing 1997 N64 Character Voices (Conker the Squirrel)
Banjo-Kazooie 1998 N64 Voice Acting (Gruntilda, additional voices)
Donkey Kong 64 1999 N64 Support Team
Perfect Dark 2000 N64 Voice Acting (Daniel Carrington)
Banjo-Tooie 2000 N64 Voice Acting (Gruntilda, additional voices)
Super Smash Bros. Melee 2001 GCN Voice Acting (Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad)
Conker's Bad Fur Day 2001 N64 Project Leader, Game Design, Background and Layout Art, Additional Graphics, Cutscene Screenplay, Voice Acting (all male characters, except The Panther King and The Great Mighty Poo)
Star Fox Adventures 2002 GCN Voice Acting (Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, Chief LightFoot)
Conker's Other Bad Day Canceled GCN Some of its assets were reused for Conker: Getting Medieval
Arc Angel Canceled GCN
Quest Canceled GCN, Xbox Titled Elements of 3 Powers for a while, some coding was reused for Conker: Live & Reloaded and Perfect Dark Zero, revamped into Cascade
Conker: Getting Medieval Canceled Xbox
Conker: Live & Reloaded 2005 Xbox Lead Designer, Voice Acting (Conker the Squirrel, Tediz). Originally conceived as Conker: Live & Uncut
Urchin Canceled Xbox 360
Perfect Dark Zero 2005 Xbox 360
Perfect Dark Core Canceled Xbox 360
Ordinary Joe Canceled Xbox 360
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 2008 Xbox 360
Perfect Dark 2010 Xbox 360
Kinect Sports 2010 Xbox 360 Flex Art Production
Parashoot Stan 2012 iOS, Android
Project Spark 2014 Xbox One, Windows Voice Acting (Conker the Squirrel)
The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup 2015 iOS, Android, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Rare Replay 2015 Xbox One Compilation, includes 8 previously mentioned games


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