Chris Sims (game designer)

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Chris Sims
Occupation Game designer, editor
Nationality United States

Chris Sims is an editor and game designer who works primarily on role-playing games.


Chris Sims started out working for small d20 companies in 2003, then worked as a freelance editor for Roleplaying Games R&D at Wizards of the Coast. Wizards later hired him as the Duel Masters editor in 2005. From there, Sims became an associate editor in RPG R&D at Wizards. He later became a story designer, and his design credits include the Secrets of Sarlona (2007) supplement for the Eberron campaign setting, the Rules Compendium (2007), the fourth edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (2008), and the adventure Demon Queen's Enclave (2008).

He also worked on the 4th edition Monster Manual.[1] His book Monster Manual 2, co-written with Rob Heinsoo, was a Wall Street Journal bestseller in 2009.[2]


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