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Chris Sperou (b. 25 December 1938, Ceduna, Australia) is an Australian aerobatic pilot. He has won the Australian Aerobatic Championship 13 times and has flown in 5 World Aerobatic Championships.[1]


Sperou was born on 25 December 1938 at Ceduna, South Australia.[1] He was a professional fisherman for 3 years, then taking up work as a refrigeration mechanic when his family moved to Adelaide in 1956.[1] In 1960, he obtained his pilot's licence before teaching himself aerobatics.[2] Between 1968 and 1987, Spirou won 13 national championships before he retired from competitive flying.[2] In 2002, he was named a "Legend of Outdoor Transport" at the Arkaroola Airshow.[3]


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