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Chris Standring
Born1960 (age 60–61)
Buckinghamshire, England
GenresSoul jazz, smooth jazz
Associated actsSolarSystem

Chris Standring (born 1 December 1960)[1] is a British jazz guitarist known for his heavy use of 1970s-style musical nuances. Before launching his solo career with his 1998 album Velvet, he represented a third of the band SolarSystem,[1] a band that combined elements of jazz and hip-hop.

Hip Sway was co-produced with Rodney Lee in 2000.[2] Groovalicious followed in 2003, then Soul Express in 2006. Love & Paragraphs (2008) spawned the title track hit radio single. Blue Bolero spawned the hit single "Bossa Blue" which went to No. 1 on contemporary radio across the US and stayed there for nine consecutive weeks. "Bossa Blue" was named 2010 Billboard contemporary jazz track of the year. Electric Wonderland was released on 20 March 2012.


Studio albums[edit]

year title label notes
1989 Main Course Ultimate Vibe the early tapes, recorded 1989, released 2011 [3]
1996 Solar System Sonic Images recorded as Solar System [4]
1998 Velvet Instinct
2000 Hip Sway Instinct
2003 Groovalicious Pyramid Media Group
2006 Soul Express Trippin n Rhythm
2008 Love & Paragraphs Ultimate Vibe
2010 Blue Bolero Ultimate Vibe
2011 Send Me Some Snow Ultimate Vibe featuring Kathrin Shorr
2012 Electric Wonderland Ultimate Vibe
2014 Don't Talk, Dance Ultimate Vibe
2016 Ten Ultimate Vibe
2018 Sunlight Ultimate Vibe
2020 Real Life Ultimate Vibe

Live albums[edit]

year title label notes
2017 Live in London Ultimate Vibe

Compilation albums[edit]

year title label notes
2014 Collector's Series [5]
2019 Best of Chris Standring - Remixed Ultimate Vibe


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