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Chris Stokes
Stokes in 2020
  • Record executive
  • talent manager
  • film producer
  • director
  • screenwriter
Years active1995–present

Chris Stokes is an American filmmaker and former record executive. He was the founder of the Ultimate Group record label in 2000, whose roster included B2K, Omarion, Jhené Aiko, Marques Houston, IMx and NLT, among others.[1]


Stokes first became connected with film and television through the talent he managed. In 1992, Marques Houston made his acting debut in the animated comedy film Bébé's Kids, and received his big break as a regular on Sister, Sister in 1994. All three members of Immature appeared in the film House Party 3 (1994).

Stokes' first film credit came in 2001 as the writer and director of House Party 4, which starred Immature, which by then had transitioned to their new name IMx. He was the writer and director of the 2004 dance movie You Got Served,[2][3] starring members of his TUG record label. The cast included Lil' Kim[2] and Marques Houston.[2]

In 2007 Stokes launched a clothing and fashion line,[4] the Christopher Brian Collection, which debuted at Magic in Las Vegas February 2007.[5] The line featured Kim Kardashian as the principal spokesmodel and was available at Dash, her Calabasas boutique.[5] Promotional images for the brand featured topless pictures of Kim Kardashian wearing just the Christopher Brian pants.[6]

He also wrote and directed Somebody Help Me and Somebody Help Me 2, two horror films. The first, Somebody Help Me, was released to DVD on November 13, 2007, and made a television premiere on BET on Halloween 2007.[7] Both were distributed by Vivendi. The company's second feature, No Vacancy, another horror, was completed in 2011 and the first of Stokes' films not star talent from his music career. It was distributed by Grindstone / Lionsgate Home Entertainment.[8]

Also in 2011, Stokes returned to the dance battle genre with the dance-drama Battlefield America, starring Marques Houston, Gary Anthony Sturgis, and Lynn Whitfield. The film follows a young businessman whose community service obligations require him to turn a group of misfit kids into a dance team.

In 2018 it was announced Chris Stokes signed a 3-picture deal with Viacom, "We Belong Together", "Running Out of Time", and "Fall Girls".[9] "We Belong Together" launched BET Network's original movie franchise by premiering simultaneously on BET and BET Her, produced by Chris Stokes' Footage Films production company.[10] In August 2019, BET+ announced a new legal thriller "Sacrifice", to be written, directed, and produced by Chris Stokes through his Footage Films production company, and starring Paula Patton.[11] In May 2020, Stokes' new musical series "Howard High", starring Marques Houston debuts on subscription-based platform UrbanflixTV.[12]

In 2020, BET+ acquired "Trigger", directed by Stokes. It is set to be released this summer as a BET Original on their streaming platform.[13] Also this summer, BET picked up thriller "Always and Forever", directed by Stokes and starring Lauren London, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Deborah Ayorinde, Rocsi Diaz, Wood Harris and Loretta Devine.[14] In September 2020, BET+ announced that it would turn its original film "Sacrifice" into a series, ordering 10 episodes to be written, directed, and produced by Stokes.[15]

Chris Stokes announced in 2021 that Footage Films was greenlit to produce a new series, Foster Law, for the emerging black streaming network UrbanFlix.[16]

In 2023, Stokes released the third installment of The Stepmother, marking the first three-movie franchise in Tubi's history. Each movie follows Elizabeth Carter (Erica Mena)'s escapades the find the perfect family and stars a recurring Stokes cast, including Marques Houston.[17] Tubi released four new original Black cinema thrillers by Chris Stokes in 2023, “The Assistant,” “Best Friend,” “You’re Not Alone” and “No Way Out.”[18]

Sexual assault allegations[edit]

In December 2007, Stokes was accused of sexual assault by his cousin, B2K member DeMario "Raz-B" Thornton, alleged to have happened while Stokes was managing the group and Thornton was eleven or twelve years old.[19][20][21] B2K group member Omarion defended Stokes, calling the allegations untrue.[19] Stokes denied any wrongdoing, calling the accusation "ridiculous" and saying "all the allegations they made are false."[19] The following day, Thornton retracted the allegation and apologized to Stokes, though Thornton's brother Ricardo implied the retraction was coerced and that Thornton will "come back around."[22]

In July 2008, Vibe magazine published an article in which singer Quindon Tarver, once signed to Stokes' TUG label, alleged he had been sexually abused by Stokes for four years, beginning at age twelve. Stokes called the accusations from both Thornton and Tarver "a cry for attention" and denied the allegations.[23]


Year Film Role Notes
2001 House Party 4 Writer, Director Cameo appearance as "Ray Ray"
2004 You Got Served Writer, Director
2007 Somebody Help Me Writer, Director, Producer
2010 Somebody Help Me 2 Writer, Director, Producer
2012 Battlefield America Writer, Director, Producer
The Helpers Writer, Director, Producer
Boogie Town Writer, Director, Producer
2016 Only for One Night Director
Boy Bye Director
2017 'Til Death Do Us Part Writer, Director
2018 Always & 4Ever Writer, Director
We Belong Together Writer, Director BET Television Movie
Running Out Of Time Writer, Director
2019 Fall Girls Writer, Director
Sacrifice Writer, Director BET Original
2020 Howard High Director TV Mini-Series
Trigger Director TV Mini-Series
Always and Forever Writer, Director BET Television Movie
2022 The Stepmother Writer, Director Tubi Original
The Stepmother 2 Writer, Director Tubi Original
2023 Asssistant Writer, Director Tubi Original
Best Friend Writer, Director Tubi Original
You're Not Alone Writer, Director Tubi Original
No Way Out Writer, Director Tubi Original
The Stepmother 3 Writer, Director Tubi Original
Picture Me Dead Writer, Director Tubi Original
Rock the Boat Writer, Director Tubi Original
Vicious Affair Writer, Director Tubi Original
Still Here Writer, Director Tubi Original


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