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Chris Toshok, 2006
Chris Toshok
Occupation Programmer
Employer Novell
Known for Programming

Chris Toshok is a computer programmer with a long career in the free software movement.


In the early days of Linux he co-developed the X-Word word processor for Linux, one of the first WYSIWYG word processors for Linux. Although X-Word was never completed, its dependency on Motif led the Hungry Programmers team led by Chris Toshok to implement LessTif, a free software alternative to the Motif toolkit.

With the Hungry Programmers he launched one of the early efforts in the 1990s to create an open source Java Virtual Machine called Japhar. Japhar's main contribution was the open source implementation of the class libraries, these class libraries would eventually become part of GNU Classpath.

Chris later worked at Netscape in the Mozilla codebase where he worked on the layout engine for Mozilla 4 before joining Critical Path and later joining Ximian to work on the Evolution calendar application.

At Ximian he would eventually join the Mono team and would work on various open source implementations from ASP.NET to Windows.Forms and more recently an open source implementation of Silverlight for Unix systems called Moonlight.

In 2007 together with Alex Graveley he created the Pyro Desktop,[1] a desktop environment for Linux systems based on Mozilla Firefox.


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