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Chris Tulloch
Occupation animator, musician, singer, songwriter, writer, director

Chris Tulloch is a British animator, musician, singer, songwriter, writer and director, who has worked on children's series such as TUGS, Salty's Lighthouse and Dream Street.

He started his career as a founding member of a band called "Frogmorton" that played Live Radio and released the album "At Last".

He spent some time in America before returning to the United Kingdom and started the band "The Extraordinaires" along with John Evans. During the time he was touring with The Extraordinaires, he wrote the hit single "Blue Skies" for The Jets. The Extraordinaires finally broke up in 1985, this is when he turned to Television work.

He is best known for voicing the crucial antagonist part of Zorran in TUGS as well as voicing some of the Shrimpers with John Baddeley (who also voices Top Hat and Zip) and directed four of the thirteen episodes (as well as writing two and serving as art director) that currently exist today. However, also served as an effects technician with Steven Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan.

He formerly collaborated with the Star Tugs Pier Forum (Formerly the Clearwater Forum) before the site shut down, as well as lecturing media at a college.

He now[when?] writes and performs songs as Mandolin Jack.

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