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Chris Urmson is an engineer known for his work pioneering self-driving car technology.[1] He has previously worked with Alphabet on their self-driving car project and is CEO of the start-up company Aurora Innovation.[2]


Urmson was an assistant professor and researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.[3][4] The CMU team he was part of won the 2007 DARPA Urban Grand Challenge driverless car competition.[5] The challenge saw teams navigate a vehicle autonomously across a desert landscape and then a fabricated city.[6]


Urmson served as CTO on X, Google's self-driving car team, joining in 2009 and taking over from Sebastian Thrun as project lead in 2013.[3] He was main engineer who built the code running Google’s autonomous software.[7] Urmson left the company in 2016.[4]

Urmson founded Aurora Innovation with Sterling Anderson, the former director of Tesla Autopilot and Drew Bagnell, Uber's former autonomy and perception lead.[2][8] Aurora is a startup dedicated to driverless car software, data and hardware, though not the cars themselves.[9][7] With Aurora, Urmson aims to apply machine learning to the motion planning and perception components of autonomy simultaneously.[10]

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