Chris Wollard

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Chris Wollard
Chris Wollard playing guitar.
Chris Wollard playing with Hot Water Music at The Observatory in Santa Ana.

Chris Wollard (born 1975) is a singer and guitarist in the band Hot Water Music[1] from Gainesville, Florida. He's also a member of The Draft.

Other Gainesville-based projects in which Wollard has participated include Baroque (featuring Samantha Jones), The Blacktop Cadence, The Cro(w)s (also known as The Sheryl Cro(w) Mags) and, most notably, Rumbleseat, alongside fellow Hot Water Music member Chuck Ragan, as well as bassist/vocalist Samantha Jones. He is also given two co-writing credits on the Bad Religion album The Empire Strikes First for the songs "The Quickening" and "Beyond Electric Dreams". In 2008 he provided background vocals for The Patient Ferris Wheel on The '59 Sound album by The Gaslight Anthem.

Chris released a split 7" w/Mike Hale (formerly of Gunmoll) on Asian Man Records. His first solo record, the self-titled Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves, was released on No Idea Records in 2009, followed by "Canyons" in 2012 and an EP "How Much Sh** Can you Take?" in 2013. The Ship Thieves are named after the book titled "The Ship Thieves" by historian Sian Rees.[2]

During the early HWM years Chris played Gibson guitars but in more recent years he's switched to a Fender telecaster.


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