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Chris Yates is an angler, photographer, broadcaster, tea connoisseur, nature lover and prolific writer. He is a former holder of the record for the heaviest-recorded British carp, a 51.5 lb specimen captured from Redmire pool in 1980.[1] Yates is a former co-editor (with Jon Ward-Allen) of Waterlog magazine,[2] and is a regular contributor to The Idler.

Yates is well-known for his preference for vintage tackle, particularly split-cane rods and centrepin reels, and regards cane as superior to any other rod-making material.[3] His books and films place a strong emphasis on the enjoyment of being close to nature as one of the principal pleasures that come with fishing.

Television series[edit]

Yates was one of two central characters in BBC2's acclaimed 1993 TV series A Passion for Angling, made by Hugh Miles and also featuring Bob James, in which the pair go fishing for carp, salmon and other species across Britain. A Passion for Angling was popular worldwide, shown in many countries including Mexico, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Italy, Norway and Japan.[4]

Published works[edit]


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