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Chrissie Bentley is an American erotic writer from the Delmarva Peninsula in the United States. Rated by TCM Reviews as one of America's foremost erotic writers, Chrissie Bentley has published over 100 short stories on various Internet erotica sites, including the acclaimed "Ambrose Horne" series (Ruthie's Club) of Sherlock Holmes-style stories. Her first novella "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" (Mardi Gras Publishing) was published in March 2007. "Naughty Miranda" (Forbidden Publications), "Miss America" (Erotic Excursions) and "Below Blue London" (Mojocastle Press) have since followed.

CHRISSIE BENTLEY TIMELINE 2004 - date: regular contributor to Erotic Chrissie's Naughty Miranda pseudonym is currently (September 2009) ranked 7th on the site’s Top 100 Favorite Authors chart. She has also contributed to,, and SMUT Magazine, and many others.

2006 - date: regular contributor to Ruthie's Club

March 2007: novella What I Did On My Summer Vacation published by Mardi Gras Publishing.

August 2007: Full-length novel Miss America begins serialization at Ruthie's Club.

September 2007: Introductory Essay to non-fiction book Black & White & Blue: Erotic Cinema from the Victorian Age to the VCR by Dave Thompson (ECW Press)

September 2007: short story "Gone Fishin'" published in the print anthology The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica.

November 2007: Forbidden Publications publish the novel Naughty Miranda.

December 2007: Anthology The Longest Kiss accepted for publication by Mojocastle Press. A collection of oral sex stories by female writers, the book also features contributions from Jenny Swallows, Kristen S, Lizzy Snapp, Teresa Joseph, Angelle Noir, Allison Wonderland, Giselle Renard, Cameo Brown, Swampvenus, Sarah A Peterson, Gwen Masters, Donna Walker, Elizabeth Coldwell, KR Silkenvoice, Rowan Elizabeth, A Zimmerman, Ramona Thompson, Morgan Aine, Kyra Fox, Belinda Wolf, Tamona Valentine, Tania Picarda and Misty Sinclair, together with an introduction by Dave Thompson.

January 2008: Rated #6 on's Top 100 authors.

February 2008: Launch sex advice forum, Agony Aunt's Advice Column, at

March 2008: Contribute chapter to Clicherotica 2: The Case of the Cowering Clone (Mojocastle Press)

November 2008: Edited and contributed the introduction to the erotic verse anthology The First Time & 59 Other Magical Minutes by Jenny Swallows.

December 2008: Rated #5 on's Top 100 authors.

June 2009: Erotic Excursions publish the full-length Miss America following the closure of Ruthies Club.

August 2009: Erotic Excursions publish the novel Naughty Miranda, following the closure of Forbidden Publications. The short story "Girls Talk" is included in the Virgin Books anthology Misbehaviour.

September 2009: Mojocastle Press publish the novel Below Blue London.

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