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Chrissie Chau
DSC 1634 (4230675003).jpg
Chau in 2009
Born (1985-05-22) 22 May 1985 (age 34)
OccupationActress, model
Years active2006–present
Chinese name

Chrissie Chau (Chinese: 周秀娜; pinyin: Zhōu Xiùnà; Jyutping: Chau1
; born 22 May 1985) is a Hong Kong actress and model. Chau achieved widespread fame after the release of her gravure photo albums in 2009 and 2010. Her film career began after she starred in the horror film Womb Ghosts (2009); Chau has starred in 20 productions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Chau won four "Most Searched Photos on Yahoo!" in 2009–2012, "Yahoo! Entertainment Spotlight Person" in 2009 and "Most Popular Actress Award" in Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. She received "Award of Merit: Leading Actress" from The Accolade Competition in 2011 for her performance in Beach Spike[1]

Chau first drew attention following "After 90s' Girls" in Hong Kong from the survey held by YMCA 2010. The report showed surveyed girls think that Chau has a high IQ and is optimistic and bold, whilst Chau ranked 16th in 2010 LIVAC Celebrity Roasters of Cross-Straits Media announced by HKIEd, a title for which she has received substantial media attention.

Life and career[edit]

Chau emigrated from Chaozhou to Hong Kong with her family when she was 10. She states that she worked in a fast-food restaurant when she was 15, and then as a shop assistant in Causeway Bay earning HK$3,000 (about US$380) a month.[2]

Chau is Hong Kong's most famous pseudo-model, or lang mo,[3] She began pseudo-modelling after she won the runner-up title in the 2002 Comics Festival 'Game Girl'. She rose to prominence as the poster girl for Slim Beauty slimming boutique. In a TV commercial for the boutique, Chau rips off her clothes, revealing a bikini underneath, to 'stop the traffic' while she crosses the road in the business district of Central.[4] In 2009, she released a limited edition life-sized poster with her likeness– dressed in lingerie– printed on the cover, at HK$560 (about US$72) apiece.[5]

Chrissie Chau was invited as a guest for a talk show at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in late 2009, as part of a seminar series entitled "Knowledge Unlimited", aimed at widening students' horizons. Chau was invited as a guest to the seminar to discuss "Unscrambling the Chrissie Chau Phenomenon".[6] Chau was interviewed by Professor Li Siu-leung of Lingnan University in front of an audience of 400 students. She was asked a number of philosophical and existential questions, and was criticised for not being able to answer them; The Standard described this as "an old-fashioned ambush". The university was in turn criticised by radio host Eileen Cha for choosing Chau for a seminar series entitled Knowledge Unlimited.[7]

In 2010, veteran Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong openly criticised and ridiculed pseudo-models, specifically Chrissie Chau, several times, calling them brainless and "bimbos".[8] The related controversy led to pseudo-models being banned from a book-fair.



Year English title Original title Role Notes
2006 Bet to Basic 打雀英雄傳 Nightclub PR
Love Undercover 3 新紮師妹3 Model Ming
2008 Playboy Cops 花花型警 Lam Lon's girlfriend
Storm Rider – Clash of Evils 風雲決 Bing Ying (Cantonese)
Nobody's Perfect 絕代雙嬌 Slurpee
2009 Short of Love 矮仔多情 Lily
Split Second Murders 死神傻了 Fangmei Fang
Seven 2 One 關人7事 Chrissie
2010 Womb Ghosts 惡胎 Zoe Kwok
The Fantastic Water Babes 出水芙蓉 Brenda
City Under Siege 全城戒備 Youyou / YoYo
Perfect Wedding 抱抱俏佳人 Flora
Vampire Warriors 殭屍新戰士 See / Max
Marriage with a Liar 婚前試愛 KiKi
2011 Men Suddenly in Love 猛男滾死隊 Tina
Beach Spike 熱浪球愛戰 Sharon
The Killer Who Never Kills 殺手歐陽盆栽 Nana
Lan Cheow Fong 喜愛夜蒲 Nana
Hong Kong Ghost Stories 猛鬼愛情故事 Bobo
2012 Any Other Side 夜店詭談 Amy / Elle
The Hunter with Blood 獵音師 Short film
Holding Love HOLD住愛 Fang Meng
2013 Paper Moon 紙月亮 Shi Qin
Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons 西遊·降魔篇 Killer 4
Together 在一起 Biqi / Vicki
Lift to Hell 電梯驚魂 Bai Jie / Dr. Ye
Flash Play 致命閃玩 Ade's girlfriend
Mr. and Mrs. Players 爛滾夫鬥爛滾妻 Wong Jing
Cold Pupil 冷瞳 Su Yuchen
Kick Ass Girls 3 爆3俏嬌娃 Poo
My Beautiful Kingdom 我的美麗王國 Ruo Tong
The Love Experience 有招沒招之愛情達人 Chi Lei
2014 The Extreme Fox 非狐外傳 Pian Er
Are You Ready to Marry Me 我想結婚的時候你在哪 Soo Fei
Break Up 100 分手100次 Xiao Lan Jiao
2015 An Inspector Calls 浮華宴 Cindy Cheung
12 Golden Lucks 12金鴨 Mei
Forever Love 北京時間
2016 House of Wolfs 惡人谷 Special appearance
iGirl iGirl 夢情人 001
2017 The Puppie Fantasia 3 小男人週記3之吾家有喜
29+1 29+1 Christy Lan
Husband Killers 女士復仇
2018 Concerto of the Bully 大樂師.為愛配樂 [9]
The Leakers 洩密者
Hotel Soul Good 女皇撞到正
Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy 叶问外传:张天志 Banana
2019 Death Notify
The White Storm 2 - Drug Lords
P Storm
Prison Flowers
Magic Circle
2020 Freak Orb Mei Mei
All's Well Ends Well 2020 家有囍事2020 雷夢娜 Lui Mung Na


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2006 Stephen's Diary 老馮日記 Sharon (ex-girlfriend Sam Lee)
2013 Romance of Tang′ Kongfu 唐朝浪漫英雄 Tao Yaoyao
Ip Man 葉問 Jenny
X-Girl Sun Xiaomei
2018 Deep in the Realm of Conscience 深宮计 Zheng Chunxi
  • Supporting Role 女配角

[10] [11]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2011 Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Merit: Leading Actress Beach Spike Won
2012 Macau International Movie Festival Best Actress Cold Pupil Nominated
2013 The Los Angeles Movie Award Best Actress Paper Moon Won
2016 Asian New Media Film Festival Best Actress iGirl Won
2017 China Film Director's Guild Awards Best Actress 29+1 Nominated
Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Actress Nominated
2018 37th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Nominated
18th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Actress Nominated
Most Popular Actress Won
Chinese Film (Ningbo·Cixi) Festival Best Actress Won


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