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Christine Leigh "Chrissy" Gephardt is the daughter of 2004 American presidential candidate and Missouri representative Dick Gephardt. She graduated from Northwestern University in 1995 and Georgetown Law in 2009.

She first came to public attention when NBC announced that she was gay. She had been married to Marc Alan Leibole[1] for three years before she fell in love with a woman, and came out to her husband and to her father. She was subsequently featured on the cover of The Advocate.

Chrissy appeared on the Showtime reality show American Candidate in 2004.

She also appeared on the February 1, 2007 (episode #1030), episode of The Daily Show criticizing Vice-President Dick Cheney's public stance toward his own gay daughter, Mary Cheney.

She is interviewed in the 2007 documentary For the Bible Tells Me So, along with her parents.


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