Chrissy Rogers

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Chrissy Rogers
Brookside character
Portrayed by Eithne Brown
Duration 1987-91, 1993
First appearance 1 December 1987
Last appearance 15 November 1993
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular
Occupation School Governor

Chrissy Rogers (née Morgan) is a fictional character in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside played by Eithne Brown from 1987 to 1991. She was married to Frank Rogers, and they had two daughters, Sammy and Katie. She left in 1991 on the collapse on their marriage, but briefly returned two years later after Frank's death in a car crash.


Chrissy was a fairly politicised character known for her left wing views often similar to those of Bobby Grant. In 1989 she becomes a school governor.[1] In 1990 Chrissy attempts to mobilise the neighbours in to protesting against the building of Brookside Parade near their homes, a campaign that is ultimately fruitless. Later in the year she is made redundant, however later gets a job as a school secretary.[2]


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