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Christ's College, Guildford
Larch Avenue

, ,

Coordinates51°15′20″N 0°34′52″W / 51.25559°N 0.58106°W / 51.25559; -0.58106Coordinates: 51°15′20″N 0°34′52″W / 51.25559°N 0.58106°W / 51.25559; -0.58106
MottoDiscimus et Servimus
Religious affiliation(s)Church of England
Local authoritySurrey County Council
Department for Education URN142490 Tables
ChairColin Henry OBE
Head teacherMrs.S.Hatch
Age11 to 19
HousesAustin, Redgrave, Turner, Sibley
Colour(s)Red, Green, Blue, Yellow/White

Christ's College is a Church of England[1] secondary school and sixth form located in Guildford, Surrey, England, in the Bellfields neighbourhood.

The school was previously called Larch Avenue School, later being renamed Bishop Reindorp School, and took its current name in 2003. Previously a voluntary aided school administered by Surrey County Council, in December 2015 Christ's College was converted to academy status. The school is now part of the Good Shepherd Trust but continues to coordinate with Surrey County Council for admissions. Christ's College continues to be under the guidance of the Diocese of Guildford.

The main intake of students is from the area surrounding the school, but the school attracts students from as far as Woking and Ash.[1]

The new building[edit]

In the year 2008, the college moved into a new, purpose built building, with the old 1970s style buildings being knocked down to make way for new rugby pitches. The new building allowed the school to be up-to-date with each classroom being fully equipped with Smart Boards and wireless technology. The new building cost in the region of £20 million and allowed the college to move away from its dilapidated old buildings. The new building was short-listed for the RIBA Stirling Prize in early 2010 being described as allowing the school to be a 'small city' with the main atrium being the 'town square'.[2]


The College received a report from Ofsted in 2008 with the School having a 17% improvement in the maths department. January 2009 saw the opening of a new campus for Christ's College which would also be home to a ski centre. In February 2010, the Department for Education reported that the school had 516 students.[3]

In 2013 the College was inspected by Ofsted again and was graded as 'Good', the number of pupils being 649 with 37 in the sixth form.[4] This grading was an improvement on the college's previous one of 'satisfactory' with the Inspectors being impressed with the pupils progress from Year 7 and the ethos of the college which 'promotes learning'. The exam results from the summer exams gave an average value added score for pupils which was one of the best in the county.[4]

House system[edit]

The college has four houses; Austen, Redgrave, Turner and Sibley. Each house is led by a member of the Sixth Form Head Prefect Team and a member of staff. The children are assigned a house when they start in Year 7 and generally stay in that house for the remainder of their school life. There are many inter-house competitions including inter-house drama in the form of the Drama Festival and inter-house Dance and Music in the form of the Dance and Music Festivals. There is also lots of inter-house sports that continue throughout the school year.

Sixth form[edit]

Christ's College has always had quite a small Sixth Form. Classes are small. In 2012 the Sixth Form moved into a new Sixth Form centre on the College's campus which allows for a rise in uptake of places in the coming years. The new building has fully equipped classrooms and seminar rooms with a common room and a study room with computers for the students to use.

Prefect team[edit]

The prefect team consists of eight students from year thirteen, the oldest year group. These sixth formers are in control of inter-house events such as the annual drama, dance and music festivals as well as sports day and sixth form only events such as the freshers and the going down ball.

The prefect team for 2012– 2013 consisted of; Head Boy – John Hoslett, Head Girl – Amy Daniell, Head of Austen – Megan Beecroft, Head of Redgrave – Rebecca Green, Head of Turner – Calum Wild, Head of Sibley – Jessica Rogers.

The prefect team for 2013 – 2014 consisted of; Head Boy – Konrad Lichtenberg, Head Girl – Emma Wade, Head of Austen – Ryan Peacock, Head of Redgrave – Megan Hoslett, Head of Turner – Tomi Dunstan, Head of Sibley – Jamie Barlow.

The prefect team for 2014 – 2015 consisted of; Head Boy – Joe Lambert, Deputy Head Boy – Matt Funnell, Head Girl – Emily Cuthbert, Deputy Head Girl – Ellen Hawksworth, Head of Austen – Jack Spencer, Head of Redgrave – Khuda Bee, Head of Turner – Curtis Smith, Head of Sibley – Gemma Brock.

The 2014 - 2015 and 2015 - 2016 had their official handover on the 27th April 2015.

The prefect team for 2015 - 2016 consists of; Head Boy - Ben Williams, Deputy Head Boy - Ben Bright, Head Girl - Izzy Knight, Deputy Head Girl - Abi King, Head of Austen - Sophie Clarke, Head of Redgrave - James West, Head of Turner - Jayesh Reddy, Head of Sibley - Yama Laly.

Charity work[edit]

The college does work for charity, with it regularly holding fundraisers to help charities in the UK or across the world to get money they need. Money collected from mufti days is often given to a variety of charities and money raised by Sixth Form events and RAG WEEK often gets donated to 'Starfish Malawi'. The school is linked with another school in Malawi in the hope that it can provide a two way learning experience for both colleges, each being able to teach the other something new. During the 2014 Rag Week, the Prefect Team (2014 - 2015) and rest of Year 12 managed to raise over £1000, setting a record for the school.


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