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Christian Academy in Japan
Updated Christian Academy in Japan logo.png
1-2-14 Shinkawa-cho, Higashikurume-shi, Tokyo 〒203-0013
Type Private
Motto Equipping students to serve Japan and the world for Christ
Established 1950
Head of school Anda Foxwell
Enrollment 464 (2008-09 SY) + 285 in SSS/
Color(s) Blue & Gold
Mascot Knights
SSS Director Flossie Epley

Christian Academy in Japan (クリスチャン・アカデミー・イン・ジャパン) (CAJ), established in 1950, is a private Christian school in the city of Higashikurume, Tokyo, Japan that provides a Christian American-style education in English. As of 2010, CAJ had over 465 students, from kindergarten through high school. About 48% of the students are children of Christian missionaries who work for some 40 different mission organizations. The students come from more than 25 countries, with 41% from the United States, 32% from Japan, and 12% from Korea. Most students commute to school by public transportation, bicycle or walking. The four-acre (16,000 m²) campus in the western suburbs of Tokyo also includes a classroom building, auditorium, library, gymnasium, computer lab, home economics and industrial arts facilities, and a dining hall.


The stated mission of Christian Academy in Japan is to equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ.


CAJ has a wide range of activities for its students. Chapel is included for all ages. Elementary school activities include several musical groups and various field trips. Middle and high school activities include the CAJ Student Council, sports, drama, music, field trips, yearbook, school newspaper, and community service opportunities.


  • 2005 Boys' Far East Soccer Champions
  • 2007 Boys' Far East Soccer Champions
  • 2007 Girls' Far East Volleyball Champions
  • 2009 Boys' Far East Soccer Champions
  • 2009 Boys' Cross Country League Champions
  • 2009 Girls' Far East Volleyball Champions
  • 2010 Boys' Basketball League Champions
  • 2010 Boys' Soccer DoDDs League Champions
  • 2010 Boys' Far East Cross Country Champions
  • 2011 Boys' Far East Tennis Champions
  • 2012 Boys' Far East Soccer Champions
  • 2017 Boys' Far East Soccer Champions

Notable alumni and attendees[edit]

  • SoulJa, a Japanese rapper
  • Mobi Fehr, a professional soccer player formerly on the USA U-17 team
  • Mark Joseph, a multimedia producer, author, and founder/CEO of MJM Entertainment Group and Bully! Pulpit.
  • Paul Hersey, Senior Diplomatic Interpreter / Pianist at U.S. Dept. of State.
  • Ruthy Kanagy book writer and bicycle tour guide[1]

Sponsoring mission groups[edit]

Christian Academy in Japan is owned and operated by the following six evangelical mission groups that provide the school with leadership and teachers:


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