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Christian Academy of Manila (CAM) is a Christian school located at 3041 Nagtahan St., San Miguel, Manila, Philippines. Established in 1967, CAM is a bible-based school implementing the K to 12 curriculum mandated by the Department of Education and is supplemented by Alpha Omega Publications (AOP) materials in English and Science, and Singaporean Program in Math. The school is administered by Mrs. Rosemarie SyCip Frondoso. The current school principal is Mrs. Lizza L. Somera. She replaced the then Mrs. Rosalia G. Dim who replaced Mrs. Purita Santos. The school provides education from Kindergarten to High School.


Originally housed at the former building of Grace Christian High School. The school was established in 1967 with Grace Bible Church (GBC) operating the school. Most of the Board members were also from GBC.

After obtaining government recognition, classes began in July 1967. Christian Academy of Manila opened with the following aims and objective: to meet the needs of an evangelical school; to be able to serve the Christian community; and above all, to educate students, through its ministry so that they may know the God of love.

An enrollment of 138 marked its first year of operation. Mr. Charles D. Cox, an American missionary and one of the organizers who strongly supported the move to open the school, was its first director and principal. Mrs. Rosalie Parreño supervised the elementary department during the first semester after which Mrs. Felipa G. Pizana took over after Mrs. Parreño left for the United States. The Board Trustees were composed of the following: Mr. John Z. SyCip, Chairman; Mr. Vivencio Araos, Vice Chairman; Atty. Amado K. Gaitos, Corporate Secretary; Mr. Charles Cox, Member.

After a couple of years, the CAM Glee Club had their first cantata in December, 1969, and soon after various performances in different schools and churches followed. Its first student delegation was sent on that October to a nationwide confab (CMLI) in Baguio City, Philippines.

Several years of fruitful operation later, on the fateful day of February 14, 1984, just after the faculty and staff had their Valentine's Day Get Together, sounds of sirens startled the people of Nagtahan. The CAM building was on Fire! It took several years for the school to get back up again. It even went up to a point when the school was to be closed down (During the early 1990s). However, parents soon clamored for the reopening of classes and in 1992, funds were raised. In 1993, CAM re-opened with a one-storey, three room building. This building would then be replaced by a three-story, fifteen-room building and a one-story, four-room building.

On 2010, Christian Academy of Manila started construction on a two-story building that would house its covered basketball court, state-of-the-art multimedia room, H.E. room, computer-equipped library, and international-standard science laboratory.

Co-Curricular activities[edit]

Supreme Student Government (mostly for events only..) Glee Club, Stage and Theater Arts Guild, Annual Field Trip, The Bridge(school newspaper), Science Club, Math Club, Varsity Team, Annual Camp

Board of Trustees[edit]

Notable alumni[edit]

Sam Concepcion - actor, commercial model, singer, celebrity endorser. Studied at CAM from pre-school to high school.

Raizo Chabeldin - Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Music Arranger, Producer. Studied and graduated from CAM.


Member of Association of Christian Schools in the Philippines