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Christian Bautista's videography

Music videos[edit]

Year Title Album Director
2003 "The Way You Look At Me"1 Christian Bautista
2003 "Hands To Heaven" Christian Bautista
2003 "Colour Everywhere"2 Christian Bautista
2003 "Kailan Pa Ma'y Ikaw" Christian Bautista
2004 "You & Me (We Wanted It All)"3 Christian Bautista Repackaged Edition
2005 "So It's You"4 Dreamboy OST
2005 "Nasaan Ka Man"5 Nasaan Ka Man OST
2005 "Everything You Do" Completely
2005 "Invincible" Completely
2005 "Everything You Do" Completely
2008 "The One Who Won My Heart" Captured


Guest appearances[edit]

Year Title Album Director
2005 "Burn"1 Nina Live!


  • 1 Included in Nina's multi-platinum album Nina Live!. Garnered the Best Collaboration during the 2005 MYX Music Awards.[1]

Live Album[edit]

Just A Love Song...Live! is the first live album of Christian Bautista, which was recorded and filmed at Teatrino in Greenhills. The following tracks are included in the audio/video release of the album:[2]

  1. "Trying To Get The Feeling Again"
  2. "More Than You'll Ever Know"
  3. "Only Reminds Me Of You"
  4. "Beautiful In My Eyes"
  5. "Make It With You"
  6. "Got To Believe In Magic"
  7. "Fixing A Broken Heart"
  8. "Could Not Ask For More"
  9. "Of All The Things"
  10. "Nothing Can Stop Us Now"
  11. "Be My Number Two"
  12. "Finding Out The Hard Way"
  13. "Blue Eyes Blue"
  14. "Cry For Help"
  15. "Heaven Help"
  16. "I Won't Hold You Back"
  17. "If Ever You're In My Arms Again"
  18. "You"
  19. "Just A Love Song"