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Christian Bernard (born 30 November 1951), F.R.C., is the current (as of April 2017) Imperator[1] of AMORC, a mystical Rosicrucian order. He became Imperator on 12 April 1990.[2]

Personal life[edit]

According to the AMORC digest (publications given by the AMORC organization to its members periodically) He became a Rosicrucian at the tender age of 15.

Christian Bernard maintains a low key profile and is married to a woman named Helene whom together are dedicated to the esoteric duties and also; have a total of three children that are also members of the AMORC. [2] His passion for the game of soccer (commonly known as Football in the United Kingdom) is also noted in the official webpage of the organization.[2]

Notable works[edit]

Books Written

  • "So Mote It Be" (1995)[3]
  • "Questions And Answers" (2001)[4]
  • "Rosicrucian Reflections" (2012)[5]


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