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Christian Church of Sumba is Calvinist church in Indonesia, a member of World Communion of Reformed Churches.[1] The denomination was established on 15 January 1947. Today the church has congregations in various cities outside the island of Sumba.[2]

There are churches in Sumba, Flores, Rote-Ndao, Kupang, Timor, Bali, Java, Sulawesi.[3]

It has 550,000 members, the majority of the Christian population in Sumba in 2004. The church has been growing steadily.[4]

In 2012 the church has approximately 600,000 members and 712 congregations.[2] In 1907 Dutch Reformed started the mission in Sumba and they founded a number of congregations. By the 1940s there were 5,000 Christians in Sumba. The official founding date is 1947. The church adheres to the Heidelberg Catechism[5]


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