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The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) is a conservative organization of Christian churches across South Korea, member of the World Evangelical Alliance.[1] The CCK is one of the alliances of churches in South Korea,[2] comprising 69 denominations and 20 Christian organizations, which together represent over 12 million people.[3] The organization's purpose is to study, confer, and work together for the accomplishment of the Christian Church's earthly mission, while maintaining the individuality of its members.[4]

The CCK was established in 1989 after a devotional service and meeting of senior pastors and representatives from various Christian denominations.


The CCK has undergone a number of controversies. Some of them have centered around accusations of financial mismanagement, bribery and corruption. A former CCK president confessed that "bribery has become the norm in the Christian organization."[5] A Seoul court recently ordered the suspension of the chairman of the CCK for procedural irregularities in electing the head of the umbrella body of Korean Protestant churches.[6] Other Korean pastors have also criticized the CCK for its corruption and infighting.[7] Christian networks and organizations say that the CCK has no ability to purify itself and must be dismantled.[8] The KNACP (Korean National Association of Christian Pastors) spokesman argued that the CCK must be disbanded and that the NCCK (National Council of Churches in Korea), another Christian organization in Korea, must not overlook the allegations of corruption in the CCK.[9]

Other controversies have centered on the conduct of the CCK's heresy investigations. Accusations of heresy have routinely been leveled by CCK member organizations and individuals against other members and individuals, leading to widespread division and confusion amongst Korean churches. The accusations and counter-accusations have been compared to the witch trials conducted by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.[10][11] The CCK's Heresy Committee was accused of becoming effectively a private organization.[12]

The Christian Telegraph alleges in an article from 2013 that many of these accusations are due to the influence of Pastor SamKyung Choi and his supporters, who were at one time the president of the Heresy Handling Committee of the PCK (Presbyterian Church of Korea), the biggest denomination in Korea, a member of the Heresy Handling Committee of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK), and the president of Heresy Counseling Center. The article alleges that Choi traded favorable verdicts in exchange for donations. Other participants in the controversy have also leveled heresy allegations against Pastor Choi.[13][14]

The CCK has since expressed its regret over the heresy investigations and has said that it would be willing to reexamine the accusations and verdicts. SamKyung Choi and several pastors associated with him have left the CCK.


In 2012, 20 denominations formerly belonging to the CCK created a new organization, the Communion of Churches in Korea (CCIK).[15] In response, the CCK expelled the denominations and pastors who joined the CCIK.[16] The CCIK has in turn leveled accusations of corruption and heresy against the CCK.[17]

In September 2012, The Presbyterian Church of Korea, which is one of the largest Christian denominations in Korea, decided to leave the CCK.[18][19] Later in the same month, the Korea Evangelical Fellowship also decided to leave the CCK.[20] On Apr, 14, 2014, the Kosin Presbyterian Church in Korea decided to leave the CCK.

However, in contrary to all these claims, a recent Christian Post article in 2012 reported that CCK has rejected Chae's claim that over 20 denominations have broken away from CCK and formed a new body, the Communion of Churches in Korea (CCIK).[21]

Despite the controversies, the CCK has retained a strong affiliate relationship with the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA); for instance, in 2011, they held a joint Thanksgiving ceremony together.[22] However, the 2014 WEA General Assembly, which was to have been held in South Korea, was postponed due to the internal divisions in the evangelical community in South Korea.[23]

Geoff Tunnicliffe, the CEO and secretary general for the WEA, said that the divisions in question are primarily organizational in nature.[24] Tunnicliffe said that the Christian Council of Korea has understood and agreed with the decision to postpone the assembly [25]


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