Rebirth of Christian Democracy

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Rebirth of Christian Democracy (Rinascita della Democrazia Cristiana, RDC) was a small Christian-democratic political party in Italy.

The party was founded in 1997 by Flaminio Piccoli, a former heavyweight of the defunct Christian Democracy. In 2000 Carlo Senaldi became president of RDC. In the 2001 Italian general election RDC was part of European Democracy. In 2002 the party, then led by secretary Angelo Sandri and president Senaldi, joined Christian Democracy (2002), but sometime later it regained its autonomy, under the leadership of Senaldi. In 2005 RDC joined Christian Democracy for the Autonomies.

In 2012 the party joined Christian Democracy (2004), led by Sandri, and Senaldi was appointed president of the party.[1]


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