Christian Democratic Alliance (Costa Rica)

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Christian Democratic Alliance
Alianza Demócrata Cristiana
President Mario Redondo Poveda
Secretary-General Mailine Sileny Araya González
Founded 9 November 2012
Ideology Conservatism
Christian democracy
Political position Centre-right
Colours Blue and yellow
Legislative Assembly
1 / 57
Party flag
Flag of the Christian Democratic Alliance in Costa Rica.jpg
Official Website

The Christian Democratic Alliance (Alianza Demócrata Cristiana) (ADC) is a political party in the Cartago constituency of Costa Rica. It was founded in 2012,[1] and is led by Mario Redondo Poveda, a former President of Congress and former member of the Social Christian Unity Party.[2] In the general election of 2014, Redondo was elected to the only seat in the Legislative Assembly won by the ADC.[3][4] Another party of the same name was founded in San José but did not participate in the election.[5] According to its statutes the ADC intends to enrol at national level in the future.[6]


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