Centrist Democratic Party (Rwanda)

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Centrist Democratic Party
Parti Democrate Centrist
President Mukabaranga Agnès
Headquarters Kigali
Ideology Christian democracy
Political position Centre-right
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 80

The Centrist Democratic Party (French: Parti Democrate Centrist, PDC) is a political party in Rwanda.


The party was established as the Christian Democratic Party (Parti Démocratique Chrêtien) in 1991 by Jean-Népomuscène Nayinzira.[1] It joined the government in December 1991 and was given a single ministerial post.[2]

In the build-up to the August 2003 presidential elections the party was banned as a result of a constitutional prohibition on religious-based parties. The party was reconstituted as the Centrist Democratic Party in time to contest the September parliamentary 2003 elections, in which it allied itself with the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front, winning three seats.[2] PDC leader Alfred Mukezamfura was elected Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

The party continued its alliance with the RPF for the 2008 parliamentary elections, but was reduced to one seat. In 2009 Agnès Mukabaranga was elected leader of the party after Mukezamfura stepped down.[2] It was again part of the RPF-led alliance for the 2013 parliamentary elections, in which it retained its single seat.


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