Christian Democratic Party of Uruguay

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Christian Democratic Party of Uruguay
Partido Demócrata Cristiano del Uruguay
Founded 1962
Headquarters Aquiles Lanza 1318 bis Montevideo, Uruguay
Ideology Christian democracy
Christian left
Political position Left-wing[1]
National affiliation Broad Front
International affiliation Centrist Democrat International
Party flag

The Christian Democratic Party of Uruguay (Spanish: Partido Demócrata Cristiano) is a political party of the Christian left.


It is part of the governing coalition Broad Front (Frente Amplio). It is a part of the Progressive Alliance, which in turn forms part of the Liber Seregni Front uniting the more moderate centre-left and centrist sectors of the Broad Front.

The Civic Union (Uruguay) split from the party in 1971.


Its platform calls for "a communitarian society" and a "social state", as well as "absolute respect for human life" (including opposition to abortion). It further calls for "alternative forms of production, distribution, consumption and accumulation" that are "superior to capitalist and state-owned enterprises", including:

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