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The Christian Embassy is an evangelical organization affiliated with Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ. Like its parent organization, Christian Embassy describes itself as non-political and interdenominational.


The Christian Embassy was started in 1975 by Bill Bright, founder of Cru, and then-congressman for Arizona John Conlan, in order to serve as a spiritual resource to leaders working in Congress, the Executive Branch, and the diplomatic community.

The Christian Embassy runs a number of offices in cities around the world, including Washington D.C., London, New York City, Ottawa, Geneva, Dublin, Manila and Pretoria. It is a Christian ministry, a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit company in the US, and its United Nations office is a recognized Non-Governmental Organization.


  • 1975 - Founded in Washington D.C.[1]
  • 1980 - Opened United Nations office
  • 1985 - First annual International Prayer Breakfast on the Opening Day of the United Nations General Assembly. Canadian ministry launched in Ottawa
  • 1990 - UN office officially accredited as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).


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