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Christian Erickson
ResidenceParis, France
Other names
  • Christian Erichson
  • Christian Erikson
  • Jon Christian Erickson
  • Christian Ericksson
Years active1977–present

Christian Erickson is an American actor and voice actor currently living in Paris, France. He is known for his role as General Kormarov in the film adaption of Hitman and as Lance Boyle, the TV presenter in the MegaRace video games series.[1]

Partial filmography[edit]


Video games[edit]


Web series[edit]


  • The Dark waltz (2015, Disk and dvd, english translation and interpretation in Les Funambules [7])

MegaRace Reboot[edit]

On April 15, 2014 it was announced conversions of the entire MegaRace Trilogy were being made for mobile and tablet devices along with a reboot of the franchise on PCs, game consoles, mobile, and tablet devices by ZOOM Platform and Jordan Freeman Group. It was revealed in the same press release that Mr. Erickson had already been signed on board for the MegaRace Reboot project to reprise his role as MegaRace host, "Lance Boyle".[5]

On June 18, 2014 a teaser video featuring Christian Erickson as "Lance Boyle" appeared on YouTube. Christian Erickson has also appeared in all previous MegaRace titles as "Lance Boyle".[8][9]


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