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Christian Fuchs, 2015

Christian Fuchs is an Austrian sociologist. Fuchs, is currently a professor at the University of Westminster, where he is the Director of the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI). He also known for being the editor of the open access journal tripleC: Communications, Capitalism & Critique[1]. The journal's website offers a wide range of critical studies within the debate of capitalism and communication. This academic open access journal publishes new articles, special issues, calls for papers, reviews, reflections, information on conferences and events, and other journal specific information. Fuchs is also the co-founder of the ICTs and Society-network which is a worldwide interdisciplinary network of researchers who study how society and digital media interact.

Fuchs has been influential in the study of modern day social media. He himself uses YouTube and Vimeo to present analyses of the Internet and society. He also uses the social media platform Twitter, where he presents ideas on society, media, culture, politics and the internet.

From 2015 until 2017, Christian Fuchs was a member European Sociologists Association’s[2] executive board, where he played a key role in organising the 2017 ESA conference in Athens. ESA is an academic sociological association. Its conferences take place bi-annually.

Fuchs' fields of expertise are social theory, critical theory, critical digital and social media research, Internet & society, the political economy of media and communications, information society theory.[3]


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