Christian Gerhard Leopold

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Christian Gerhard Leopold
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Christian Gerhard Leopold
Born 24 February 1846
Died 12 September 1911 (1911-09-13) (aged 65)
Nationality Germany
Occupation gynecologist
Known for Leopold maneuvers

Christian Gerhard Leopold (24 February 1846 – 12 September 1911) was a German gynecologist born in Meerane, Saxony.

In 1870 he earned his medical doctorate from the University of Leipzig, where he studied under Carl Siegmund Franz Credé (1819-1892), who would later become his father-in-law. From 1877 until 1883 he taught midwifery at the Frauenklinik in Leipzig, and afterwards succeeded Franz von Winckel (1837-1911) as director of the Dresden Royal Gynecological Infirmary.

Leopold is remembered for the eponymous "Leopold maneuvers" (Leopold-Handgriffe), which are four classic maneuvers used to determine the position of the fetus within the uterus. Beginning in 1894 he was co-editor of the Archiv für Gynäkologie with Adolf Gusserow (1836-1906). Also, with Dr. Credé and Paul Zweifel (1848-1927), he published textbooks on midwifery.[1]

N.B. - Leopold Landau, who was also a German gynecologist born around this time, may be confused with Christian Gerhard Leopold.


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