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Christian Gottlieb Reichard (26 June 1758 – 11 September 1837) was a German cartographer born in Schleiz, Thuringia. He studied law in Leipzig and subsequently became a city official in Bad Lobenstein.

Reichard's map of the United States (1809).

With Adolf Stieler (1775-1836), he collaborated on the first edition of "Stieler's Handatlas", which was a 50-map project that was published between 1817 and 1823. Other significant geographical works by Reichard include:

  • Atlas Des Ganzen Erdkreises in der Central Projection (contains a rare 1803 North Polar projection).[1]
  • Charte von Nord America: nach den neuesten Bestimmungen und Entdeckungen, (Weimar, 1804).
  • "Map of the World after Mercator's projection"; 1825 (4 parts).
  • "Orbis terrarum antiquus", 1824 (Atlas of the antique world).


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