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Christian Heritage School is a kindergarten through 12th grade private preparatory school that was founded in Trumbull, Connecticut in 1977. A nondenominational Christian school, it enrolls about 450 students. The elementary and high schools share a building. There are separate wings for elementary, middle, and high school.

The school's mission is "(1) to assist parents and churches in fulfilling their God-given responsibility to teach their children that 'In Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge'(Col. 2:3) and (2) to provide its students with an education of spiritual and academic excellence with which to serve God."

All students attending Christian Heritage are required to pass the Bible class corresponding to their grade level, and attendance of weekly chapel services is also mandatory. Science, history, literature, foreign language, and mathematics are also mandatory classes.

The school was overseen by one headmaster, June Vangor, who was serving as an interim headmaster after the resignation of the previous headmaster, Barry Giller.[1] Both the upper school and lower school have separate principals, Seth Parrish and Carol Smith respectively. The school's founder, Pastor Anderson, died the morning of October 21, 2007. The current headmaster is Brian Modarelli.


Over 5 AP courses are available to enroll. Over 8 UCONN ECE programs for high school students.

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