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Christian History Institute is a non-profit organization located in Worcester, Pennsylvania, producer or co-producer of several award-winning films, the Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith series, and the founder of Christian History magazine.


Founded by Dr. A. Kenneth Curtis (1939-2011)[1][2] in 1982,[3] Christian History Institute from its inception issued film and print resources for laity education in Christian history, including supplemental material for Christian films and videos, Christian History magazine, and Glimpses bulletins.[4][5][6]

In 1999, Christian History Institute went on-line with a website which offered stories from church history for each day of the year in three one-year cycles.[7] That material remains online under new ownership[8] and has been heavily referenced on the web and in wikipedia itself.

Current endeavors[edit]

Today, Christian History Institute produces study guides on historical subjects, new issues of Christian History magazine, and Christian history videos for DVD and Television. Its major activity, however, is the co-production of the ongoing and highly popular The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith series, in cooperation with Voice of the Martyrs and International Films. These animated biographies of Christian heroes for children have won numerous awards at major film festivals such as WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and ICVM (International Christian Visual Media) and have been favorably reviewed in a number of secular and Christian sources.[9] Its current websites chitorch, torchlighters and 'Christian History magazine' offer studies of Christian history in various formats.

Award Winning TV, DVD, and Film Co-Productions[edit]

John Wycliffe: Morningstar. (1984) Best film of the year from Christian Film Distributors Association[10]

From Christ to Constantine: The Trial and Testimony of the Early Church. (1990) • Chris Award from Columbus International Film & Video Festival[11] • Gold Award from Houston International Film & Video Festival;[12]

The Reformation Overview. (1995) Individual units within this package won over 30 international film awards.[13]

Candle in the Dark. (1998) • Gold Award at Christian Broadcasting Commission of UK 1998; • Gold Award at WorldFest Houston 1999;[14] • Gold Award at Aurora Awards;[15] • Bronze Plaque at Columbus International Film & Video Festival 1999;[16] • Golden Eagle Award at CINE Golden Eagle Awards 1999;[17]

Jesus the New Way. (1998) • Chris Statuette at Columbus International Film & Video Festival 1998;[18] • Gold Award at Worldfest Flagstaff 1998.[19]

Test of Time. (2001) A co-production with the BBC, the full title of this program is Putting the teachings of Jesus to the Test of Time, which it does through contemporary case studies. • Columbus Int’l Film & Video, Honorable Mention 2001[citation needed]


Christian History Nos. 1-21 (No. 9 was a special book edition published by Lion Publishing Inc.), 100+

Glimpses Nos. 1-216

Glimpses for Kids Nos. 1-52


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