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Christian Langlois in the Gobi desert

Born in 1963 in Saint Ferdinand d'Halifax In province of Quebec in Canada, Christian Langlois is a film director based in Montreal, Canada. He has directed several short films, music videos and commercials. He studied at Université du Québec à Montréal in their communications program: photo, cinema, art video and new medias. He published several articles about the role of digital technologies and video in the development of visual and performing arts.[1]

After graduate studies in new media and digital art, he began as a visual and electronic artist, mainly in video art, video installation, short films, and happenings. His works are were present in contemporary art galleries, museums, films festivals and cultural events in Canada, France, Spain, Mexico, India, United States and in the United Kingdom. He has been a guest of Danae Art Foundation in France and a guest of French Cultural Minister and the Mayor of the City of Blois: Mr Jack Lang. He present in Blois, France a video installation: Le sale à manger. A video quartet surrounded by 3 tons of potatoes dedicated to gastronomy art.

In the early 90s, as Creative director and Director he found a dept. of visual identity of MusiquePlus, a Québécois MTV (French-Canadian musical television channel), devoted to the diffusion of musical videos and pop culture programs. The program was a kind of research laboratory of televisual and videographic experimentation, which changed the Canadian televisual framework and which receives the recognition of its pars and the public: Prix Gémeaux, Promax/BDA, a reference as regards motion design, computer art, computer animation and film experimentation mix media.

In the middle of the 1990s, Christian Langlois focused an advertising career as a Commercial Film Director for majors brands in fashion, telecom, teen culture, extreme sports... such a clients as Air Canada, Bombardier, MasterCard, Nestlé, Côte d'Or, Danone, At&t, Verizon, T-Mobile, Bell, Yellow Pages, Vidéotron, Telus, Toyota, GM, Budweiser, Black Label, Molson, General Mils, Zip, Bayer, Health Canada, RBK, CCM, Cirque du Soleil, Téléfilm Canada, ABC, CBS, FOX, CBC, SRC, TVA, Astral Média, TV5, MTV, Musiqueplus and enRoute. He has collaborated Worldwide with many production houses companies Propaganda Films (in Los Angeles), Cinelande, Jet Film, Objectif, La Fabrique d'images (Montreal), Radke Films, Partners films, The Garden (in Toronto), Velocity (in Cap Town) Milk & Honey (Praha),AOI (In Japan), Satellite My Love (in Paris) and recently with Les Enfants (in Montréal) and Industry Films (in Toronto).

Today he is an active Commercial Film Director at Les Enfants and an also Expert Creative Consultant specializing in visual identity and branding in the television and entertainment industry for Mémoire Liquide and for The Format People in Los Angeles. He collaborate with many broadcasters, producers and agencies from Asia, Middle East, Europe and America, to do the complete rebranding of TV channels to some artsy opening credits sequence for a specific TV series and movies. He works with the actual technology and visual languages of advertising, viral video, web design, interactive, electronic art and motion design. In 2013 he directed a clever interactive viral advertising for OB A Personal Apology, a personal women brand of Johnson & Johnson. This viral was a huge success, more over 47 millions views and won Worldwide 22 awards.

Christian Langlois has been recognized at numerous major events and a multi awards winner: Cannes Lion, Clio, London International Awards, TED, Bessies, Webby Awards, Canadian Marketing Awards, Canadian Innovation Awards, Promax BDA Awards, David Ogilvy Awards, Applied Arts Awards, Summit International Awards, Rx Club Awards, Gemeaux, Vision Liberté, Pixel, Coq of Publicity Club of Montreal

Now he develop some films and TV series projects with the SODEC funds. Christian Langlois working development on his first feature film, Merde in Japan. He will like to be shoot soon in Japan, in USA and in Canada.


  • OB - A Personal Apology OB - Tampons, (Interactive Musical video) 47 million views, 22 awards
  • Michael Mooney", Open your eyes, (Interactive Musical video)
  • La voix, (25 shorts film)
  • Jorane, Dit-elle, (Musical video)
  • Rudy Caya, Mourrir de rire (Musical video)
  • Jean-Pierre Ferland, (Musical video)
  • Virtuel (Video installation)
  • Le sale à manger (Video installation 20 short films)
  • La caverne d'Érika (Short film)
  • Station (Documentary about contemporary art)
  • 14 Stations (Documentary about contemporary art)
  • Si tu es sage on ira voir la guerre (Short film)


  • Versailles, TV series, Canal+. Capa Drama, Incendo, Paris, (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Nouvelle Adresse, TV series, Ici Radio Canada télé, (Opening and broadcast design)
  • TVA 2013, 2014 and 2015 TV Branding and visual identity, Idents and promo graphic kit, Group TVA, Quebecor Media
  • MongolTV, TV Branding and visual identity, 20 idents, Group Gatsurt, Oulanbator, Mongolia
  • Moi&Cie TV Branding and visual identity, 10 idents Group TVA, Quebecor Media
  • Mlle, TV Branding and visual identity, 10 idents, Group TVA, Quebecor Media
  • Mauvais Karma, TV series,Ici Radio Canada télé, (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Yoopa, TVA group, Sid Lee, (Animation for TV Ids and broadcast design)
  • Zed, Artv, CBC, Tokyo Disney, Cirque du Soleil, (Manga animation, opening and broadcast design)
  • Sophie, TV series |Sophie]], ABC-CBC, (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Rumeurs, SRC, (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Tupperware, Bowl of success, CBC,(Opening and broadcast design)
  • Les Francs Tireurs, Télé Quebec (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Musicographie, TVA -Musimax (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Buzzé, MusiquePlus (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Mamuz, MusiquePlus (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Electrochoc, MusiquePlus (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Perfecto Mode, SRC (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Mamuz, MusiquePlus (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Chic Planète, Musimax (Opening and broadcast design)
  • D., TV5 (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Perfectly Fit with Claudia Schiffer, CBS (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Dadabiz, MusiquePlus (Direction of 2 seasons x 52 episodes cultural TV show)
  • Gala, MusiquePlus (Direction of Musical Video Award TV show)
  • Perfecto, MusiquePlus (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Fax, MusiquePlus (Opening and broadcast design)
  • Top 500 -Profil de la décennie, MusiquePlus,(Direction of documentary program)
  • BlackOut, (Opening and broadcast design, program structure )
  • BuzzClip, (Opening and broadcast design, program structure )


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