Christian Liljegren

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Christian Liljegren
Background information
Born (1971-02-03) 3 February 1971 (age 47)
Origin Sweden
Genres Christian metal
Power metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Vocals
Labels Liljegren Records / CM Sweden
Associated acts Narnia, Divinefire, Audiovision, Golden Resurrection

Per Christian Liljegren (born 3 February 1971),[1] is best known as the lead vocalist, and primary lyricist, for the Swedish Christian melodic power metal band, Narnia.

Liljegren is also the frontman of the metal bands Audiovision, Divinefire, Flagship, and Wisdom Call. He is also the owner of the Liljegren Records label which features bands such as Divinefire, Crimson Moonlight, Sanctifica, Grimmark, Harmony, Veni Domine, and Majestic Vanguard. He changed his last name to Rivel by choosing to take his wife's last name when they were married. After the divorce in 2008 he changed his name back to Liljegren.

On 29 April 2008 Christian announced his departure from Narnia. There were no controversy between the band members, Liljegren said he had to give his body rest.[2] And then in 2014 he came back to Narnia.

Liljegren is the lead vocalist of the power metal project Golden Resurrection with ReinXeed's lead guitarist Tommy Johansson. Their debut album was released in November 2010.

Lilijegren is brothers with Hubertus Lilijegren, Guitarist and Vocalist for bands such as Crimson Moonlight, Pantokrator, and Sanctifica.[3]


  • The Wonderous Diamond (1988)[4]
  • Soldiers Of Freedom (1988)[4]
  • 5 Track Demo Cassette (1989)[4]
  • 7" Vinyl Single - Fri/Calling (1989)[4]
  • 3 Track Demo Cassette (1990)[4]
  • 7" Vinyl Single - I Can't Live Without Your Love/ Let Me Rest In Your Arms (1991)[4]
Modest Attraction
  • Modest Attraction (5 Track Demo Cassette) (1991)[4]
  • II - (5 Track Demo Cassette) (1992)[4]
  • Get Ready (1992)[4]
  • Blizzful Zample (1993)[4]
  • The Truth In Your Face (1994)[5]
  • Modest Christmas (Single) (1994)[4]
  • Divine Luxury (1996)[5]
Wisdom Call
  • Wisdom Call (2001)
Beautiful Mind
  • Hero (3 Track Demo) (2002)[4]
  • Mayden Voyage (2005)
  • The Calling (2005)
  • Focus (2010)
Golden Resurrection
  • Glory to My King (2010)
  • "Pray for Japan" (Single) (2011)
  • Man with a Mission (2011)
  • One Voice for the Kingdom (2013)
Solo career
  • Ett Liv Jag Fått Att Leva (2002)[4]
  • Kraft (2015)


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