Christian Matras (poet)

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Christian Matras
Faroe stamp 163 christian matras.jpg
Born December 7, 1900
Died October 16, 1988(1988-10-16) (aged 87)

Christian Matras (1900 - 1988) was a Faroese poet and academic.

He was born at Viðareiði in the Faroe Islands. He took a doctor’s degree in Old Norse in 1933 from the University of Copenhagen, and in 1952 he became a professor at the same university. In 1965 he returned to the Faroe Islands to become head of the department of Faroese language at the University of the Faroe Islands in Tórshavn, where he produced an extensive body of work analysing Faroese language, literature, and culture.

As a poet he is one of the most important in Faroese literature.[1]


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